Azure Services

Microsoft Azure is currently the flagship and based platform that all other services are built on such as Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. In 2010 when Azure first launched it was viewed as having limited documentation and was second class compared to Amazon Web Services. (AWS).  Microsoft Azure has since managed to breakthrough the barriers and would be myths about hosting data in the 'cloud' space. Currently Azure is the No. 1 cloud computing platform that services the commercial (private) sector and has its own government cloud space called Azure Government Cloud. 


The cloud  consists of data centers around the world composed of NASs, SANs, and servers which are capable of housing insurmountable amounts of data. These data centers or “cloud storage” facilities grew by reducing client equipment costs through the elimination for the need of on-premise equipment.  These data centers allow data to stored and accessed remotely from any location and from any device connected to the internet.